10 Best Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

Let’s be honest, after a while wearing hair extensions and repeating your tissue, your hair needs a break and what a better time to do just that than summer, when the sun is hot and you definitely do not want your hair in the face.

You might think that you do not have many options when it comes to short natural hairstyles for black women, but the reality is quite different. Make yourself with a cup of tea (or grab a glass of wine) and get ready to surprise yourself.

10 Best Short Natural Hairstyles for Black Women

We all know that growing out of your own hair is a long and tiring process, and it’s just super excited to get it right at the beginning, it’s only to realize it sucks later when your hair is as fast as it gets Do not want to grow, and your hair will not address all the way that you either intended. These designs give you the opportunity to be playful and experimental.

1. Natural curls + caramel highlights

If you are going through the motions of growing your natural hair, why not add a vivid splash of color? These natural curls have been cleverly loosened up with some caramel highlights along the top and ends, adding a brand new dimension.

Curly caramel short natural hairstyle for black women

Instagram / styledbyshamila

It’s punk and pretty much everything at the same time, and at least you will not care about styling that long braids every day.

2. Natural Mohawk haircut

If you go short, why not go brave and super short? This natural mohawk haircut a brave, but without moss and fuss, you can not really beat.

Afro Mohawk with shaved pages for black women

Instagram / brittj_mua

the best thing about a look, like that is you can literally get up and walk -. Comb the top, make sure you keep your hair well hydrated and moisturized, and you’re pretty good at walking

3. Short natural hairstyle with shaved sides

If you go back to the roots and leave your natural hair to hop free for a while, make sure you do not over wash. The most important point in naturel walking is to do your hair a favor that you will not do that through it every day.

short natural hairstyle with shaved sides

Instagram / coconutdreamer

Try to wash it only every two to three days to encourage the natural oils to work their magic on the scalp and hair follicles. Your hair will thank you – we all wash our hair too much

4. Short natural waisted cut

Depending on how short you go, you will not need heated styling tools to get the look you want, but if you’re trying to grab the hair straightener, do not.

short natural waisted cut

Instagram / abigail.martina

If your hair is already dry and damaged or brittle from years of heavy hair extension use, these heated tools will not help your hair, it will hurt it easily. Give your hair a break -. That’s the point here

5. TWA hairstyle (Teeny Weeny Afro)

If you do not want hair that int he’s going to get way this summer, the TWA or Teeny Weeny Afro is definitely one of the coolest looks!

Natural TWA hairstyle for black women

Instagram / corkandbeans

Hair that is short takes the minimalist styling and care, giving you plenty of free time to perfect those eyebrows and the rest of your makeup routine.

6. Super Short Blond Hairstyle

Amber Rose is a fan of this look – super short and too naughty blonde We love it, it’s fierce, feisty and fabulous

short natural blonde haircut for black women

Instagram / alissa.ashley

You will have to have a bold color change before they have a good conversation with your hairdresser especially if it is an all-over color. Remember that you play to not have a lot of hair, so the color you need to choose to work well with your own skin tone.

7. Nice Natural Style

When your hair is washed, play around with styling ideas and techniques. Your hair is much easier to play with when it is in its wet stages, and you will find your locks easy to move, twist, braid and curl in a number of different styles.

Nice short natural hairstyle

Instagram / sheilandinda

Black women often do not realize how many options there are, their natural hair style, and the play with curls and twists while it is wet will give you a wide range of variations when it is dry. Maybe it’s time to get experimental.

8. Fade Mohawk

It’s just a subtle change. An undercut with a larger faded Mohawk on the top, but the undercut was done in a design and shaved to give it a little something new and exciting

Natural Curly Fade Mohawk Hairstyle

Instagram / misskendrak

You might think that’s a pretty scary look, but the shaved areas of your hair will not really take that long to grow back. You will also need to remember that maintenance will need to be updated. Regular trims if you want to keep the look for a while, for example.

9. Long pixie hairstyle

Rihanna had a look like this for a while, alternating between him naturally wearing just as you can see here, and even they just wear poker, rather like the ‘pixie’ looking cut you’re used to seeing normally.

natural long pixie haircut for black women

Instagram / splendidbeauty

We love the way these dense curls have been left natural – you too can take a look at how to achieve this if you leave the fabric alone for a while. Maybe it’s time for you to start thinking for yourself about these short and natural hairstyles?

10. Short natural hairstyle with color

If your hair is damaged and it has become stained and dried too, make sure that you use the right combination of oils to keep them in good health. Before you wash your hair, add an oil treatment and leave for about half an hour before washing.

short natural hairstyle with color

Instagram / salonpk

After it is washed, towel dry, ignore the blowdryer, add some leave-in conditioner and style to wait for it to dry.

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