10 Copper Balayage Hair Ideas for Autumn

With all the new hair trends in circulation, it’s hard to keep up. Balayage has been very popular for some time now and it looks like it is here to stay. If you are thinking of having a new face with your hair, consider balayage hair. Balayage hair is a French technique that sweep or paint mediums. The paint is applied by hand, so no film or caps are required. It creates natural looking curls and can be subtle or bold. You do not have to stick to a hair technique, many people decide to mix balayage with ombre to create a unique style. The choice is yours.

1. Dark copper ombre hair

Dark Copper Ombre hair color idea

2. Bright copper low points

Bright Balayage Copper Lowlights

3. Add copper gold and caramel highlights

Copper, golden and caramel tones work so well together.

Copper, gold and caramel highlights for brunettes

4. Bright copper balayage

Have colorful curls to show their curls.

Bright Copper Balayage Hair for Fall

5. Dark to the light copper

Are you looking for a low maintenance style?

Dark to Light Copper Balayage Hair

6. Golden copper hair

Golden castles look divine.

Golden copper balayage hair color idea

7. Red copper ombre

Ombre and balayage hair techniques are great together.

Dark to Light Copper Ombre Hair

Instagram / hairbymisssophie

They create wonderful dimensions that look great from every angle.

8. Copper Ombre Löb

Guide your locks with a shiny copper screen.

Red Copper Balayage Ombre Long Bob Hairstyle

Instagram / hairbytashalouisec

9. Orange copper hair

Orange and copper are two colors that are warm tones.

orange copper balayage hair color idea

Instagram / hairbytashalouisec

10. Red copper balayage

Red is a sexy and feminine color.

Red Copper Balayage hair color idea

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