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16 Chic Top Bun Hairstyles For the summer

As days get hotter and hotter, the top-bun hairstyles have gained more popularity. The top bun hairstyles not only make you feel a lot cooler, but also keep you chic. In fact, there are many ways to rock the top bun hairstyles. In today, Äôs Post, we will show you 16 easy yet chic top bun hairstyles for the summer. Check them out and have a try with those who love you.

Half above bun for summer

Top Bun

The half-up bun has been popular for some time. An easy to improve the short hair. This hairstyle will look much more fashionable if you, Äôve ombre got hair.

Messy Top Bun Hairstyle

Top Bun

If your hair is long and black, you should style your hair in a messy manner if you want to wear the top knot. The messy hair will send you, instead of looking dull look casual and too serious.

Stylish top rolls for holidays

Top Bun
Stylish top rolls for holidays / over
The top bun hairstyle is also fabulous for the holidays. If you go for a vacation, you can do all your hair in a casual bun. The rolls can be teased loose so that some media can be created. Wearing one or two flowers will accent your holiday look and make it stylish.

Tight top knot for women

Top Bun
Tight top knot for women / over
This top knot is dense and smooth. It’s a cool hairstyle for the gym in the summer. You can also easily see if you wear this hairdo for work. It can go with any outfit.

Half top bun for long hair

Top Bun
Half Top Bun for Long Hair / Over

The half-half down hairstyle is very feminine in itself. Among them, the top half knot is quite simple and cute. This half knot above makes the long straight hair stand out and it looks fabulous from all over the world.

Chic top knot hairstyle

Top Bun
Chic top knot hairstyle
You love this high laces knot? Although it looks casual, it is really chic nervous. All your ordinary outfit will be enhanced with such a chic top knot hairstyle. To get a faddish look, you should not miss this one.

Loose top knot haircut

Top Bun
Loose top knot hairstyle

Make a top knot loose and you will find your head has a better shape.

Stylish top bun hairstyle

Top Bun
Stylish top bun hairstyle

If they cut their pretty long hair, but in the glowing summer feel hot, the top bun will work for you. The loose top knot is suitable for every woman. In addition, women can look much younger and adorable.

Braided Half Top Knot Hairstyle

Top Bun

Have you ever had a top-knot with pigtails on your half? It just looks amazing. This hair idea looks fantastic on big-haired omen.

Top Bun Hairstyle Tutorial

Top Bun
If you don’t know how to get a voguish top bun instead of an ugly one, just follow this guide. It will teach you how to achieve a fancy top bun.

Loose top bun for ash blond hair

Top Bun
Loose top rolls for ash blond hair / over

If you change your hair color, your hair look will be completely different. Take a look at this picture. The loose top bun is effortlessly trendy thanks to the ash blonde hair color. This is an edgy hair look for younger women to try.

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