20 Stylish Short Hairstyles 2016

They are looking for the last short hairstyle this season? In our gallery you will find 20 Stylish Short Hairstyles 2016 Pictures that can be inspiring for you! Regardless of your hair type, you will find many stylish short hair here, including wavy ones shorthair hairstyles . Pixie Styles, trendy bob risuren and short hairstyles for thick or fine hair. Check out these hairstyle ideas now!

1. Gothic short hairstyle 2016

First picture in our gallery is a modern version of Gothic dark Bob hairstyle with pony.

Short hairstyles 2016

2. Angled Bob 2016

Here’s an angled bob hairstyle that can look good on blond hair.

Short hairstyles 2016

3. Drew Barrymore Blonde Hair

Drew Barrymore Sport wavy blonde short hairstyle In this photo, this is an elegant style for short hair when it comes to special occasions.

Short Haircut Styles 2016

4. Short haircut for women 2016

Your natural one Pixie style One side long pony looks really cute and chic.

Short Hair Styles for Women 2016

5. Emma Stone Short hair

Emma Stone stained pale skin and chopper Bob hairstyle is styled in loose waves to perfection.

Short haircut style 2016

6. Laetitia Casta

We are not used to seeing Laetitia Casta with short hair, but they rock this more pixie style!

Short Hairstyles 2016-6

7. Punk Short Blue Pixie Hair

This pixie style is stained with different shades of blue and this creates a unqiue twist.

Short Hairstyles 2016-7

8th model Sasha Pivovarova

Her short bob hair with short pony flatters her eyes and other facial features beautifully

Short Hairstyles 2016-8

9. Gray hair

Here is a modern gray bob hairstyle for mature ladies.

Short Hairstyles 2016-9

10. Short bob with pony hairstyle

Here is a nice dark short bob hairstyle with bangs that will really look pretty toned on darker skinned women.

Short Hairstyles 2016-10

11th Style Pixie 2016

This spiny, coppery pixie cut on you look great when you like nervous elf species!

Short Hairstyles 2016-11

12. Dark brown

This brunette short hairstyle is style simple, looks stylish and elegant perfect for summer days and work.

Short hairstyles 2016-12

13. First A Pixie

If cutting a pixie is always in your mind lately this short pixie style can be your guide to dark elf types.

Short hairstyles 2016-13

14. Platinum Dick Fringed Bob

The platinum bob hairstyle with full bangs can easily be created on thick hair.

Short hairstyles 2016-14

15. Short-haired girl

The spiky pixie cut is colorful with lime green and definitely looks eye-catching and rebellious.

Short hairstyles 2016-15

16. Modern mullet hair

Here’s a modern twist on short mullet hairstyle that adds some movement to whole hair layers.

Short hairstyles 2016-16

17. Sienna Miller Bob Hair

Sienna Miller’s wavy bob hairstyle is simple but perfect hairstyle for all occasions.

Short hairstyles 2016-17

18. Half-high Bob

This cute dull bob hair is styled in half on ponytail, this way you get your hair out of face in a stylish way.

Short hairstyles 2016-18

19th Bangs Bob

Here is a natural bob hairstyle swept with side pony, this is a great hairstyle for women with long faces and thick hair.

Short Hairstyles 2016-19

20. Lily Collins Short Hair

Your page parted Pixie style looks just fashionable and chic.

Short hairstyles 2016-20

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