2016 Bold Pixie hairstyles for women

There are so many women trying to find ways to show their boldness and savagery. I’m here to show you the best way to show off their wild features. bold pixie hairstyle ideas for 2016

Asymmetrical pixie hairstyle with bangs

With a bold start pixie haircut that has asymmetrical pony. Not only cut hair, but also makes hair color the style bolder. Have you ever thought to wear purple shade and combine with you short haircut pixie? I do not guess, so the following picture will give you an idea.

Violet Pixie haircut with asymmetrical pony for women 2016

Violet Pixie Hairstyle with Asymmetric Pony for Women 2016

Orange Pixie Hairstyle

Isnt it time to go brave with your short hair? If you’ve already had Pixie haircuts, then you need to think about other options that will show your boldness. I’m talking about an orange shadow. These juicy shadows will stand you out of the crowd and help you prove to people that you are afraid to go out for experiments.

Orange elf hair for girl 2016

Orange Pixie hair for girl 2016

Spitz Pixie hairstyle

In as much disarray to your elf as you can. Spiked Elf is the next bold hairstyle for women who are looking for adventure. Spiky Pixie is a bold haircut at the same time emphasizing women’s sexuality. , I really believe that women with perfect face features should opt for this cut

Spiked haircut Pixie for girls 2016

Spiked Pixie haircut for girls 2016

Highlighted pixie

There are several ways to wear fat looks. it can be both with the help of colors and markdowns. If not a radical change, what colored pony? Two colors Choose the ones you are near and color your pony either short or long! To make it even more eye-make-catching opt for an undercut hairstyle

colored pony pixie haircut for women for the year 2016

Colored pony pixie haircut for women for 2016

Undercut Pixie hairstyle

Many women think that undercut hairstyles are common only among men. But women can also wear undercut tees. Let’s not forget that we are talking about fat haircuts, so any extravagant and not ordinary ideas are welcome. Below is an undercut Pixie see where the top is in pink, while undercut is in darker hue. You can not deny that this hairstyle looks pretty creative. So we are looking for creative tees

undercut Pixie haircut for women 2016

Undercut Pixie Hairstyle for Women 2016

Bold Pixie for African-American women

African American women fat elf has just that look. This is not a classic elf at all. Eye-catching shade and curly hair-make statement in hair trend. After wearing this hairstyle you will receive many compliments and I am sure that only good ones. The majority of African-American women have curly hair so not difficult to maintain the style. Above all, be sure to cut your hair then opt for your favorite fat shade that will be the orange, green, red, or something else
curly haircut Pixie for African-American women 2016

Curly Haircut Pixie for African-American Women 2016

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