2016 hairstyles from celebrities

If we do not know which hairstyle to wear, we always take our favorite celebrities as an inspiration. Celebrities have a large team of professional and skilled hairdressers who work to create amazing and impressive looks. When celebrities wear this or that hairstyle, it means that hairstyle is trendy and you can freely wear it knowing that you are wearing a stylish hairstyle

2016 hairstyles by stars

Since it is summer that you update your look with fresh and brand new hairstyles So, now go to the latest 2016 hairstyles of celebrities to see

Jennifer Lopez Sleek Bun

Who has not known a worldwide popular singer Jennifer Lopez? She is an inspiration for both young ladies and mutual women. Years do not have their bad effect on them. She always looks fresh and stylish. She heats things up on various music awards and TV shows. This year we can see Jennifer Lopez wearing a bun hairstyle pretty often. It does not matter, the bun is smooth or messy because it fits hairstyles in all its cases a lot.

Jennifer Lopez Sleek Bun 2016

Jennifer Lopez Sleek Bun 2016

Demi Lovato Bob Hairstyle

23 years old entertainer has already become a symbol for young generation. Whatever Demi does is being copied by her fans. This beautiful singer is pretty attentive about her styles in 2016. We could see her wearing short and long hair. Today her short hair cut Demi rocks. She has changed her long curls into a bob, but this transformation has been successfully achieved. Bob makes her round face shapes even more beautiful.

Demi Lovato short hair 2016

Demi Lovato Short Hair 2016

Arian Grande Ponytail

It seems Arian Grande is never going to give up her signature ponytail. Her high pony is fascinating and it is created for her facial features. But what makes the pony so impressive? Well, blonde and dark hair. She has chosen the colors that are perfect for the skin color. If you want to get this iconic ponytail, then start from your hair color.

Arian Grande Ponytail 2016

Ariana Grande Ponytail 2016

Rihanna short haircut

Celebrities change their hairstyles quite often. One day they will be wearing long locks the next day we can see them with very short haircut. In the modern world, the transformation from one style to another is very simple. Here you can see popular and scandalous Rihanna with a short haircut. She poses for a glamorous magazine. I think what Rihanna wears suits her a lot

Rihanna Short Hair 2016

Rihanna Short Hair 2016

Selena Gomez Long brown hair

Can you introduce Selena, with blonde shadows? Well, it’s a little hard because we used to see them with darker shades. This year Selena keeps us amused with her long brown hair. Their natural looks can be taken as examples of good-looking lady. Natural hair colors will never get out of the hairstyle trend so refresh your look with hilarious browns.

Selena Gomesz Brown Long Hair 2016

Selena Gomesz Braun Long Hair 2016

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