20 Braided Hairstyles 2018



If you’re into messy hairstyles, you know it’s one of the hottest looks of the new season, so you should definitely learn tricks styling to get the best hairstyle of the season.

Hairstyling mostly depends on your hair structure. For example, if you have natural wavy or even curly hair, you can skip some styling steps. To make loose messy ripples you need to comb curls and spritz to make sea salt messy waves more defined. This is how wavy hair is styled. 2016 MESSY FRISURES (3) 2016 MESSY FRISURES (4)

If you have straight hair poker, you can still enjoy wonderfully messy waves with curling iron. To messy waves of sea salt or mousse on the damp hair and crunching with your fingers to get splashed. Then style to leave the edges with curling iron smooth the roots. After styling tousle with your fingers.

They are almost done. You can wear your messy hair loosely with center parting or pulled up in up-do. For long hair it can be Half up-do hairstyle with braided bang. If you can not style it, you can just make bang hairstyle memorable. 2016 MESSY FRISURES (5) 2016 MESSY FRISURES (6)

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