2016 Stunning Highlights Dark Hair

Dark hair owners are happy because they have different ways of getting their hair. Some girls like ombre hair to have others highlighted hairstyles. We are pleased to announce that these two ideas are trendy and stylish. Even if you fail for the first time, you should not, because of failures, you can find the best colors for you. So we picked up 2016 breathtaking highlights for dark hair.

Highlights for the year 2016

I am sure you will like one of these options because they are very trendy and stylish. These highlights are worn by popular celebrities and top models. So get ready to see these impressive highlights.

Red highlights on brown hair

Let’s start from extraordinary hairstyles. If you decide to look fat then you will probably like this hairstyle. If you want to get just such a hairstyle, then you need to keep your hair straight to highlight the beauty of the hair. Before I go for red highlights, ask your colorist if that look is good for you or not

long dark hair with red highlights for the year 2016

Long dark hair with red highlights for 2016

Light Brown Hair With Dark Brown Highlights

Well, this hairstyle is taken by ladies who want to be simple but at the same time very attractive and sexy. The combination of dark and light shades of brown will bring the beauty of your eye color and emphasize your skin color

light brown hair with dark brown highlights for medium skin tone

light brown hair with dark brown highlights for medium skin tone

Dark Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights

the combination of dark brown and caramel tones is probably the chosen one. Voluminous long wavy hairstyle and dark brown hue with caramel highlights will keep you at the center of attention. What do you think about this look
cool brown hair with caramel highlights 2016

Cool Brown Hair With Caramel Highlights 2016

dark brown hair with caramel and red highlights

Dark brown hair with caramel and red highlights

Cool Red Highlights on Brown Hair

Before we have partially represented you red highlights, but here you can see another idea of ​​red hair highlighted. I think it looks quite different, but it is also unique. , If you want to draw attention then you can decide exactly that kind

cool red highlights on brown hair for 2016

Cool Red Highlights On Brown Hair For The Year 2016

While choosing your hair color, it is important to consider some important things, such as long or short hair, dark or light hair, pale or tanned skin tone, eye colors and so on. If you can not decide what you want, we advise you to ask your hairdresser who can help you and suggest the colors that are specific to your complexion. Try to use hair shampoos and conditioners to keep the hair healthy.

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