2017 fat pastel hair colors

Fat pastels have taken the fashion world by storm. Will go, balayage or ombre, rainbow shades set you apart from the others. We promise that with grease pastels you will turn heads wherever you go. Pastel blends can be done according to your preferences, but it is important to work the tones together. Since pastel hair colors are risky, we strongly recommend consulting with your colorist. Nevertheless, we tried to sort, 2017 boldest pastel hair colors to give you an idea on how to rock vibrant and vibrant colors.

Balayege Opal Hair

Opal hair color technique was for blondes. It offers a simpler method for the rainbow colors of the castles. The technique is only for blondes. Here’s a look that was made with an opal hair color technique. But the colorist also uses balayage highlights to spice up the entire style. Since the blonde is a light shade, it is preferable to go for lighter pastels. Balayege Opal Hair Balayage pastel hair color

It’s a modern take on pastel tones. This daring look combines pink, yellow, blue, green and purple shades to create a fashion-forward headdress. The roots are darker than the tops of the castles. It’s a nice look that can be adopted brunettes, as well. A bob haircut is an excellent option for the demonstration of shades. Just make it too wavy for a feminine look! Balayage pastel hair color Balayage Purple Hair Color
Balayage Purple Hair Color Pastel perfection

It goes without saying that you should have the guts to rock this look. It’s an impressive mix of blues, purples and pinks. Mane is best to show off your pastel tones. This hair color proves that mermaids are real. Keep your look chic and fresh, use shampoos and conditioners. Do not forget to ask your colorist for color treatments. Pastel perfection Unicorn Hair Color

It is impossible not to fall in love with the color like this one. It’s a mix of green, pink and yellow that has been applied to lock for a long time. Aside from the color, the layers also give a noble touch to the look. It is a case, if we can say, both the color and the cut was chosen harmoniously. It’s a high maintenance style, but it’s worth your effort and money. Unicorn Hair Color

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