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10 Elegant Hairstyles for Prom

Prom is one of the most important days of your entire life and certainly an unforgettable experience. Remember to do this glamorous night with a lot of smile, laughter and of course an elegant “to enhance your radiant smile. You’ll be sure to enthrall the audience with one of those …

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15 Dookie braids hairstyles with pictures

Dookie braids are big braids that hang freely. You can also be several single braids. It became popular in the 90s. Some Caucasians even believe that these are dreadlocks. There are different styles that you can do with Dookie braids like a ponytail, updo, top bun and others. The most …

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10 Coolest Box Braids for 2016

Box braids are far newer, but they are gaining popularity day by day. Actually box braids are individually pegs divided by very small boxes. Box braids are worn in countless ways. Box braids are very popular especially among African American women, but nowadays everyone loves these braids. Low maintenance of …

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2016 hairstyles for African-American women

It’s no secret that African-American women who have the power to make their thick hair glorious. Some African American women are inspirational for celebrities and we can see them wearing the same hairstyles as African American women. Who said that African American hairstyles can not be worn by white women? …

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2016 Long hairstyles for hipster ladies

Hipsters are called these ladies who have a unique sense of fashion. Their main purpose is to keep and say goodbye to the latest fashion trends that look their best. So they wear everything according to fashion trends. I want to be a lot of girls fashionable hipster ladies, that’s …

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2016 The Best Opportunity Hairstyles

Is not it the best time to upgrade your casual looks with the most subtle hairstyles? Be that, pulled back bangs, voluminous updo or sky netting you can always make it creative. Sometimes women do not want to go for change because they think that there is nothing better than …

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