13 Bridesmaid Hairstyles 2018

Top bun is the go-to casual style for most women with long hair. He sweeps the hair off of his face and creates a wonderful way to perfect a relaxed event. However, there are a number of ways that you can work your top bun to create a seriously gorgeous finish that is perfect for wearing off! Hairstyles Weekly have collected a gorgeous selection of top buns to delight your hair the next time you wear your head out.

Light Brown Twisted Top Bun

14 Funny top rolls for the summer

This amazing light brown hair is a bit darker at the root, quickly melting in a lighter shade quickly. She has swept her hair off her face so that no strands fall down, creating a high ponytail, her hair turning around and around the ponytail and fastening for the most beautiful and voluminously high bun, which is so cute and casual ,

Braided Blonde Top Bun

14 Funny top rolls for the summer

This lady has absolutely stunning balayage Locks that fit in from a dark brown at the root to a golden blonde on the tips, in a soft transition. To show the beautiful colors at work, this lady has worked three braids from the root to the middle of the hair, then completing the blonde ends through the hair in a top bun style packaging that looks immaculate.

Elaborate twisted-top bun

14 funny top buns for the summer

This extremely gorgeous chocolate brown hair is long and shiny, with the most beautiful, shiny finish! The hair was loosely swept in a high ponytail, which divided it into two sections and twisted it, resulting in a fantastic braided top bun pinning that was both elaborate and eye-catching. This interesting finish would be perfect for a solemn occasion!

Twisted Blonde Top Bun

14 Funny top rolls for the summer

This beautiful blonde bun could be one of our favorite looks of the bunch, showing off a really eye-catching blonde shade to perfection with the most adorable relaxed top bun style. This fashionable lady has gathered on the back of her head around buns wrapping her gorgeous blond hair in a stunning, and she has the front layers of hair falling loose around her face.

Romantic brown top bun

14 Funny top rolls for the summer
This gorgeous brown top bun has the most beautiful and romantic style that we absolutely can not get enough, we think it looks so pretty for oh! She’s swept her hair loose in a high ponytail and collected the section in luscious loops to make a fabulous bun. She has loose wispy hair tresses left for a glorious and sensitive surface to fall around the face.

Voluminous and Fine Blonde Bun

14 Funny top rolls for the summer

this is absolutely gorgeous and wispy bob is the perfect hair wear for a wedding or a fabulous and formal event; especially if you must have an impressive style full of beautiful blonde shades like this gorgeous lady. Her caramel blonde hair highlighted with white blonde and loose swept in a voluminous high bun with a stunning sweeping effect. We love the loose strands that fall around her face!

Gorgeous, Voluptuous Blonde Top Bun

14 Funny top rolls for the summer

This incredibly stylish lady has the most gorgeous honey blonde hair that she whips up into a strikingly top bun that is perfect for a special occasion or a smart event! She has worked her luscious curls backwards and swept her off her face, adding volume to the upper section. She is delicately turning the ponytail section in a beautiful top bun style.

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