9 Top Bold Hair Color Ideas for 2016

By the day the number of fat hair color lovers is increasing. If in the past there were some hair colors that were a sin, nowadays you can find many young ladies walking down the street with vigorous hair colors. What do you think about edgy looks? If you are a fan of this type of species then you should consider 9 Best Fat Hair Colors Ideas for 2016.

bold hair colors for 2016

These hairstyles are worn by many fashion fans. If you like being trendy and wearing fashionable hairstyles then you should try this look.

Brown hair and red highlights

The number of brown haired owners is dominant. Sometimes girls want to change their style without having to go for the full changes. In that case, the best idea is to add some highlights. Of course, for bold look lovers guess we would not choose brown highlights, because the difference will not be too much. Here you can see red highlights on mid-brown shade. Is not it a good idea for you

red highlights on brown hair 2016

Red Highlights On Brown Hair 2016

Rainbow hair

Rainbow hair is the best idea for those who want to draw attention. It goes without saying that such a hairstyle carrier stand out of the crowd. Rainbow shadows work well with both short and long hair

, Rainbow hair for the year 2016

Rainbow hair for the year 2016

Purple hair

Who does not want to have hair like Barbie doll? Purple hair is the best way to get that look. You can pretty often see girls wearing these shades. By the way, before this hair color go try to know if this radiation shield is for you or not

purple hair for the year 2016

Purple hair for 2016

Blond and pink ombre

Ombre is another cool option to add some touch of sweetness and tenderness to your look. This eye-catching shade will impress anyone. , You can ombre hair with the help of your long curls or medium length

A fairy look cool pink and blonde hair ombre for the year 2016

Cool pink and blonde hair ombre for 2016

Gray Hair With Dark Roots

This look, as others are not so bright, but it looks so mysterious. If you want the same kind of flattering style, then opt for gray hair with dark roots

gray hair with dark roots

Gray hair with dark roots

Green highlights on Ginger hair

You are really happy if you have a natural ginger hair. I took a perfect sample for your bold look. Choose green highlights and feel the uniqueness of your style

Ginger hair with green highlights for 2016

Ginger Hair With Green Reflections for 2016

Turquoise hair and blond highlights

Many celebrities have already managed to turquoise shadows on the sport. I assume that it is adorable and breathtaking. Some blonde highlights enhance this look, if you like the style then you go

cool turquoise hair with blond

Cool turquoise hair with blond

Three toned hair color

When you are here, it means that you are ready to go for radical changes. This example is also exciting for you. You can mix a completely new bold hair color basic colors like brown, black and blonde and have

three toned hair for 2016

Three toned hair for the year 2016

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