Amazing multi-tonal highlights

While many are using the common hair options to create smarter and more creative hairdressing Emphasize multi-tonal highlights , The versatility of this style is limitless and always requires the wearer and stylist imagination. So, if you have decided to add more than two colors to your hair as highlights but do not know what the best fit for your hair might be, these are the best examples for you. Take a look and get inspired for 2016. Multiton Strähnchen 2016

Rainbow highlights

The first colors that come to mind are how multi-tone highlights are rainbow hair colors. Today they are very popular with women of all ages. The bright hues of the rainbow are able to create the glamorous and girly touch as well as to bring a festive look. Both blondes and brunettes can find the right rainbow shadows for their hair. Women with light mane are welcome to opt for light and pastel rainbow highlights, while dark curls look beautiful with bright and vibrant rainbow highlights.

Rainbow highlights 2016

Multi-tone highlights for dark hair

dark purple and red highlights 2016

It is obvious that if you are looking for a richer effect on your hair you opt for the flattering colors. In this case, dark hair is fantastic with dark red, purple, turquoise and dark caramel highlights. Mix the colors that seem closer in their tones. For example, you can combine purple and blood-y red highlights to get a multi-tone hair color. As for natural-looking shades, there are caramel and brown highlights that add extra shine and charm to your overall hairstyle.

dark multitone highlights 2016

Multi-tone highlights for light hair

Ladies in light-based hair colors can try either for lighter or darker multiton highlights according to their tastes and looks. Dark caramel, ash brown and sometimes black highlights can beautify your blonde hair on the lace ad on the edge. Those who want to lighten their shadows can go for platinum blonde and add light, war caramel, pastel or sun-kissed blonde highlights again, taking into account the skin color and eye hue. blonde hair with multi-tone highlights 2016

Multi-tone highlights for red hair

Few women think adding highlights to their naturally red hair so red is a unique hair color human and it looks attractive too, with no added shades or highlights. However, if you are tired of your current red hue, you can highlight it with multitone highlights taking on different warm blonde and red shades. Blondes help lighten your hair color and embrace the fiery touch on your curls. Everything you need to achieve a well-balanced effect is to consult with a professional colorist.

Multiton highlights for red hair 2016

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