20 Summer Hairstyles 2018

Boxer braids, halterneck, french braids, dutch braids and etc. These are the braids that are totally in, and they are thought to update your style. Braids are great for unwashed hair, they are fast and do not require much care. This year, all the runway shows were full of a variety of braided hairstyles, as the stylists also like to use the trick with styling the strands. The braids look better when they change their hair color. Pastel shades are so fashionable these days, so it’s their turn to experiment with different shades of the rainbow. Before that you have a look at this Braided hairstyle ideas for 2017 and let yourself be inspired by. Awe Braided Hairstyle Ideas for 2017 Whitish cornrows

There are several reasons why you can not see many ladies on the street with a braided hairstyle like these. First, the hair is whitish blond shade, nicely matched by gray roots. Second, the carrier was spiced up the roots with colorful glitter-gel, that works really well with her headdress. And finally, all these elements would not be so flawless without beautiful cornrows. whitish cornrows Y braided hair

y Pastel on Gray Woven Fishtail Braid
Pastel on Gray Woven Fishtail Braid Black and Silver French Braid
Black and Silver French Braid Oil-combed braided hair
Oil combed braided hair

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