13 Weave Hairstyles 2018

Did you ever think about the beach-blonde Hair color all-year-round? No doubt, beach blond hairs are always in the mainstream. These beautiful colors are all about the combination of yellows, browns and golds to create a color that gives us the warmth of the sun and sand. It’s the best moment to try it for yourself as well. Actually beach blonde hair colors are easy to achieve. In this post we will highlight the best beach blonde hair colors for 2017 , Go on reading to see your favorite beach blonde hair color. Best Beach Blonde Hair Colors for 2017 Blonde highlights and beach waves

This beautiful tone of blonde thought to remind you, sandy colors of the beach. With a combination of the right kind of hairstyle and Hair color You can also achieve this beautiful look. Show this image in your hair colorist and ask for the same bucket highlights. In every season, you feel confident with a refined color scheme like this one.  Platinum Beach Blonde

Platinum-blonde works well against beach-tanned skin-tone gives it extra shine. It’s a little bolder shade than the common beach-blonde, but it can make your appearance flashy with the right complexion and hairstyle. This lighter shade of blonde requires bleaching curls on a super light, level and then apply the platinum hue. Platinum Beach Blonde

Beach Blond Balayage hair color

This version of beach blonde is achieved through the balayage technique. The color looks right of course, if the style is curling with big ones. However, the light-blond highlights on the golden hair make the look more sunny and brighter. This color is what you need for the spring and summer months. Use your natural texture for your own benefit to achieve a unique hairstyle. Beach-Blond Balayage Hair Color Beach Bronde hair color

If you want to feel the sand and the sun through your curls, while your look is ultra natural, ask for balayage, which is somewhere between light blonde and dark brown hair colors. Achieving a style like this is a little tricky, but with a skilful hair-colorist, you do not have to worry about it. Trust your hair to your stylist and pull a stunning balayage hair. Beach Bronde hair color Beach Blond Ombre hair color

Get a simple, natural-looking beach-blonde hair look with a dark brown base on the top and a lighter blonde on the bottom of the hair. Well, it’s a traditional ombre pattern that does not require a big commitment. If you prefer to just keep it without vivid contrasts, go gloomy, otherwise rock ombre. Beach Blond Ombre Hair Color Honey beach blonde hair color
Honey Beach Blonde Hair Color

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