Best brown-red hair color ideas for the year 2016

When it comes to hair colors all women are confused because they do not know which shade to choose from all the colors. Women are always looking for new hair color ideas. There are some women who quickly get tired of their hairstyles. Some of them want to change their hair shade while others are thinking about going for a new haircut. If you are looking for new hair color ideas, then our article can help you because we have selected the best ones brown-red hair color ideas for 2016. cool reddish brown hair for the year 2016

These rich shadows always give you a new idea about your hair styling. If you look at the examples below you will really be impressed. So, get ready to see some stunning reddish brown hair now.


If you intend to go for darker hues then add some subtle red highlights to your hair. Highlights comes always to help, if you do not know what to do with your hair. Actually, highlights are meant to update your hair color. If you like this style, then opt for it

dark brown hair highlights

Dark brown highlights

reddish brown hair

Reddish brown hair

Ombre hair color

If not highlights then ombre. Ombre hair color is the next desirable option for you. In this case you can try both bright and dark tones. If you like dark reddish brown hue and you are a natural brown, then you can easily adopt the style. Before going for brighter shades, make sure that the colors are unique to your skin tone

red ombre brown hair 2016

Red ombre brown hair 2016

brown hair and red ombre hair for 2016

Brown hair and red ombre hair for 2016

The combination of red and brown is simply impressive. It is not necessary to decide for highlights or ombre. You can just mix these two shades so try to make your decision and get the best shade for you

red brown hair color for the year 2016

Red brown hair color for 2016

Today in the market of hair coloring you will see many new shades. You can also see that there are many fantastic red shades like brown, burgundy, ginger and so on. The same thing we can say about natural brown color. The most popular browns are chestnuts, chocolate, ashes and so on

red brown hair 2016

Red hair brown 2016

If you are not sure that these colors will suit you we recommend that you consult with your hairdresser. So, once you have made sure that these hair colors are right for you, do not hesitate to opt for them. To keep your look fresh for regular touchups. If you do not want to damage your hair use some conditioners and shampoos

slightly reddish brown hair for the year 2016

Slightly reddish brown hair for the year 2016

dark red brown hair 2016

Dark red brown hair 2016

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