Biggest hair color trends for 2017

The coming season is full of beautiful and trendy colors. If you’re ready to experiment with sweet caramel highlights, the blue mermaid waves, natural looking babylights and deep purple curls, then you can rest assured with a stylish look. There are different options for girls different preferences and wishes. Even a simple color stripe can radically change your appearance. So, I’ve put together some models that head to the salon to make the biggest h Aarfarbe trends for 2017 , Look at and follow your example. Biggest hair color trends for 2017 Warm highlights

Every woman wants to create this is multi-dimensional look. If you think to replicate, you should apply highlights placed one inch apart to make a lot of contrast. This allows for the warm tones to come to the surface and keep the hair looking monotonous. For shades that will work well with any warm shade, including, caramel, chocolate, chestnut, amber, etc. Warm highlights Deep eggplant

Dark violet is a unique way, too dark for the cooler temperatures. The colorist has pre-bleached model’s hair, a pale blonde color then uses two shades of magenta and dark violet to archive desirable hue. But regardless of the color, it is preferable to this shade in the salon. When it comes to hairstyle, small curls will bring the beauty of this sound. Deep eggplant Subtle babylights
Subtle babylights Smokey purple
smoky purple for 2017 Mermaid blue
mermiad blue

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