Classic 1950s men’s hairstyles trends

1950s men’s hairstyles were divided into two main categories: the conservative, short hairstyles and the wild, weird hairstyles. The most famous of the conservative, short hairstyles were the flat-top, crew-cut and the military hairstyles. There are a lot of famous hairstyles of the 1959 “men who used in the current period. ” Joe Carello “, One of the famous barber has the popularity only because most of his clients are reknonwd celebrities who wear vintage hairstyles. The – Duck-ass haircut has popularity by the famous Hair Artist. This style is created with the combination of greaser and middle parted back haircut style. Like, the beveled sides haircut and side-parted hairstyles were also very famous among men of the 1950s.

We can see, there are many young guys, new generations who like to sport the amazing 1950s style hair , We can also say 1950s, for men hairstyles are very popular in the current period. You can simply choose the best one according to your face shape, for office, school or college. Take a look at below given some amazing choices of 1950s hairstyles for men to wear these days.

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How to make 50’s men’s hairstyles?

the 1950s coolest hairstyles for men 1950er Jahre coolsten Frisuren

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In the 1950s, the men were returning home from the war and out to work again and the look was either dying clean-cut or the greaser. To die clean-cut look It’s not too far from the way many men wear their hair today, that’s parted on the side and then slicked back. Some men would puff up the front part of their hair, and then smooth back whereas the greaser look was a little more nervous. The entire top of the head was puffed up (sometimes we like the eyes) with the slides slicked back with a lot of hair gel.

To get the clean-cut look, a fine comb of war wet in the water and the hair combed, all the way back, starting at the hairline. Then the hair war separated on one side of the head (not the middle). For the shorter side of the part, the hair was war oil spray back along the sides. When combing the longer side of the component create on the back of the head, the puffy appearance.

Duck-tail and short haircut

the 1950s ducktail and short hair 1950er duck-tail und short-Hair

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the 1950s, for men have short hair

1950's mens short hairstyles trends 1950er Jahren Herren-Frisuren-trends

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Types of 1950s men’s hairstyles

Many people back, then the hairstyles of the most famous stars of the 1950s die away, Elvis Presley and James Dean The sideburns grew with medium haircuts and a lot of ideas for the hairstyles that best fit every face’s every story. This hairstyle was considered one of the hottest hairstyles of the time.

The next most famous hairstyle was the ducktail hairstyle and was also inspired by Elvis Presley. Dying ducktail hairstyle is a slick-back spread about everyone from the side. This then follows with a dive idea. Dying, duck-tail kicks, this hairstyle was awesome looking on the men. Earlier in the story, the men, above all, belonging to the fashion industry were more likely to adopt flippery edging ideas.

Another Presley hairstyles won much popularity in the war pompadour hairstyle , It was actually a creation that became popular as a result of being combined with haircuts spread all over the head on the sides with a lot of hair gel. Then pull it to the best looking haircut. Die Seitenscheitel Hairstyle was also very famous back in the 1950s men’s hairstyles, and it gave a very decent and sophisticated look. That was probably why it was used by the hero in the 1950s movies.

Greaser men’s hairstyles of the 1950s

For the greaser-look, two nickel-sized lumps of hair gel were picked up, and pushed through the sides of the hair. Then a comb was used, distribute the gel evenly and keep the hair combed back perfectly. A little more gel was used to make the hair on top of the head make the hair softer and slightly fluffier. 1950s men’s hairstyles are still in fashion and cater for any occasion whether it’s rock n roll or a decent party thrown in for the middle-aged men.

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