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Delicate prom hairstyles for 2016

High school prom girls always try to get bold and extravagant hairstyles and fit them with their classic outfits. A prom hairstyle should highlight your tenderness and cuteness. I know, sometimes it can be really hard because at this age young ladies on the Sims are girlishness and femininity. Tender Prom hairstyles for 2016

So which one to choose? Be like crazy and hot as wild girls are blooded or go for a soft tender style? Whatever your mood is, you can match a perfect find with a subtle prom look. Since hairstyle is the most important phase of the preparations for the prom, I have chosen glorious Prom hairstyles for 2016 just to see her.

Ribbon braid

A simple hairstyle will give you a peachy and admirable look. You can even create your prom hairstyle by your own. Do you like a ribbon braid? Then keep your hair dry and dap some pomade on your locks. Take your favorite ribbon and wrap it around your head like a nice headband and braid hair on the side with the ribbon. You can combine the shadow of the band with your prom dress.

Braid prom haristyle for the year 2016

Ribbon braid hairstyle for 2016

Short faux undercut

undercut Hairstyles are in mainstream, so you should wear them too, even if you are not ready to shave your head; You can still have it by faking it. Separate your hair on one side and try to create a soft cornrow braid that is just on one side with all the hair under the part. You will need some hairpins or hair elastic to secure the braid.

faux undercut for women prom 2016

Faux undercut for women prom 2016

Bright Bob

Do you want to really impress your friends with your brightness? You can do it. As? Well, blow out your strands with a small round comb, curl the ends and comb fringes on one side. Go over your hair with an iron and then use the colorful hair chalk rainbow shadow to the roots or ends of the bob.

straight bob for girls, the prom 2016

Straight bob for girls, the prom 2016

Bold bubbly pony

If you are still looking for fat hairstyles or Disney princesses’ dos, then this bold bubble pony has been for you. So let’s start by applying a texturizing cream all over your body and then pulling the hair back into pony. Secure tightly with the hair elastically; Remember that your top should be combed back. The next step is to tease your pony with a comb that will give you a body to create the big bubbles. Get second elastic and tie the center of pony and third elastic for the end.

Bubble pony for from 2016

Bubble pony for 2016

Subtle waves

The most adorable and charming look you get with the help of the waves. So create nice beachy waves by texturing with spray all over the towel-dried hair then let it air dry. Make your waves gently flow down. Line up your pony and pin with a nice clip. Rub a smoothing cream to add shine to your locks!

prom waves for girls 2016

Prom waves for girls 2016

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