Excellent color options for short haircuts

Hair color is just as important as the hairstyle, it flatters your facial features, emphasizes the color of your eyes and gives them an elegant look without changing the length of your hair.

1. ash dyed hair with highlights

Ash shades are usually very popular nowadays and it looks good on short hairstyles like this angled bob.

2. Dark blue

Dark blue hair color would definitely look on gorgeous women, the middle to dark skin tones, it flatters their facial features and chic style.

Hair color Short hair

3. Hair Color Trend 2017

Ombre dyeing technique is one of the most popular color trend of recent years, blond ombre bob with powder pink roots definitely looks stylish and modern.

Hair colors for short hair

4. Acacia Brinley Short Blonde Hair

Here is a really natural looking one Bob hairstyle With blonde highlights, it’s really important to sport a natural and fresh one hair color if you are teenager or a young woman who does not want to get over mature.

Short hair colors

5. Teal Ombre Short hair

If you choose other hair colors like green, blue or pink you can use them as ombre color, this way you can avoid hair damage while you are looking warm.

Color for short hair

6. Two-tone pixie cut

Pixie cuts With shorter side and undercut style is very popular with women, including celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Scarlett Johansson ,

Short Hair Color Ideas-6

7. Blue Ombre Short Hair

Electric blue ombre is one of the best looks for women with darker looks Hair color and Bob hairstyle ,

Short Hair Color Ideas-7

8. Bleach Blonde Short Hair

Bleached platinum hair color can damage your bob hair so it would be nice to get additional remedial hair care products regularly.

Short Hair Color Ideas-8

9. Sand Blonde

The asymmetric haircut who looks really beautiful with this sand-blonde hair color and natural waves.

Short Hair Color Ideas-9

10. White-gray pixie hair

White Gray hair color is the biggest hair trend these years, and it definitely looks great on pixie hair ,

Short Hair Color Ideas-10

11. Blonde highlights

This layered Hair color is as important as the hairstyle, it flatters your facial features definitely looks gorgeous with low lights and lights, layering gives a nice style and texture as well.

Short hair color ideas-11

Here are other hair color ideas

12. Dark brown bob

Short hair color ideas-12

13. Chic Blonde Pixie

Short hair color ideas-13

14. Silver hair

Short hair color ideas-14

15. Gray Balayage Short Hair

Short hair color ideas-15

16. Red Ombre Short Hair

At the end of this gallery we want to show you this long bob hair with red ombre balayage. This is a nice style for young ladies.

Short hair color ideas-16

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