Green hair color ideas for 2016

Today our generation likes to stand out from the crowd with the help of their hairstyles and outfits. Walk down the street to see the unique hair colors. Some people continue to be surprised when they see young ladies or boys wearing extraordinary hair colors, while others take it lightly, as it’s a common thing to wear green or orange hair colors.

green hair color ideaas for the year 2016

W E decided to focus on green tones because we are not represented in the shadows of this magical color. go to reading So, to see Green hair color ideas for 2016

Green hair

If you have natural blond hair undoubtedly you will easily reach in that shadow. But of course, brunettes should not fall into despair because modern technologies give all the possibilities to style their hair the way they want. This is really cute look that someone could try. So, if you like fat hairstyles, then this option may be your next fat hairstyle

green hair color for the year 2016

Green hair color for 2016

Subtle green ombre

So, dear brunettes, we have a cool idea for you. Green ombre is just impressive on brown hair. It is really trendy and stylish. Many celebrities have already tried this hairstyle so keep up with them and be the first of your friends who have green ombre hair. It will be better to find the best hair colorist to copy this look

subtle green and brown hair for the year 2016

Subtle green and brown hair for the year 2016

Green Ombre

Their locks will be lovable with green hair color. Three shades of green are truly revolutionary. Have you seen many girls wearing these colors? I think, no, so why not wear it and attract attention

deep green colored ombre

Green ombre deeply colored

Pastel green hair color

Another amazing shade of green is shown below. Many girls want to have mermaid hair. Pastel green shades give you a glimpse of the mermaid who came out from deep oceans and seas

Light green hair 2016

Bright green hair 2016

Sometimes, when your hair color dwindles your natural roots come out. So you do not have to worry about it because lime green hair with darker roots is really stunning. I’m sure if you wear this hairstyle you will look like a Barbie doll.

Cool green hair

If you have noticed, there are many shades of green that you can mix or combine with your natural hair and a new style. The light green shade is not bad either. It will be great on both your long or medium-length hair

Pastel Green Hair 2016

Pastel green hair 2016

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