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12 Formal Hairstyles 2018

In 2017, we will still see clothes made in an ethnic theme, fringes, ethnic accessories etc. You need a hairstyle that works well with ethnic clothing. So, what can be better than badass box braids? This fashionable hairstyle is the best choice right now! Some popular stars like Kim Kardashian …

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15 Ponytail Hairstyles 2018

These new boxer braids look similar to the style we call “cornrows”, “braids” or “banana braids”. Whatever these pigtails could be called, we can not escape them on Instagram. These boxer braids are currently in vogue. We can say that Kardashian sisters could make them popular. Big boxer braids : …

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15 Dookie braids hairstyles with pictures

Dookie braids are big braids that hang freely. You can also be several single braids. It became popular in the 90s. Some Caucasians even believe that these are dreadlocks. There are different styles that you can do with Dookie braids like a ponytail, updo, top bun and others. The most …

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13 Updo Hairstyles 2018

Box braids are far newer, but they are gaining popularity day by day. Actually box braids are individually pegs divided by very small boxes. Box braids are worn in countless ways. Box braids are very popular especially among African American women, but nowadays everyone loves these braids. Low maintenance of …

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12 Drawing Hairstyles 2018

Ghana braids, like other braids, are known by a number of other names including Cherokee cornrows, pencil cornrows, invisible cornrows and even banana braids. Quickly to wear one of the most popular ways of your weave for this year, the summer seems a hike in women for this sassy style, …

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13 Everyday Hairstyles 2018

April 21, 2016 Hello! it’s Katie with Abella braids and it’s great to be back! I’ve had a lot of fun with some braided ponytail styles coming to show you, and I hope you like them! Most of them are pretty simple, but of course I had some more advanced …

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