14 Capelli Medi Hairstyles 2018

Fishtail braids are hot trend now! Have you ever tried to pair your fishtail with other braids or hairstyles? Well, if not, then you should give it a try now! In the following we have shown some timeless Fishtail braids for 2017 , Some of them may seem complicated, but they just need to learn to fish-tailed braid. With a simple movement you can turn it into a beautiful updo or ponytail. Do not try to exaggerate, because messy fishtails look even sexier. Timeless fishtail braids for 2017 The half-up fishtail

Updos are always nice, but sometimes they really need something that is more relaxed and casual. However, fishtail provides a look that can be worn anywhere and this picture is the best example. Aside from a beautiful braid, the locks also have some eye-catching highlights. In case that if you would like to recreate these colors, show this image to your colorist and he / she will understand what is suitable for you. the half-up fishtail Messy fishtail updo
Messy Fishtail Updo Fishtail braids
Fishtail braids Fishtail crown
Fishtail crown Long fishtail
Long fishtail

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