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Like Two French Braids: Tutorial

If you’ve been spending a lot of time searching the internet for the favorite beauty sites, you’ve probably noticed that the two French braids hairstyle will still enjoy tons of popularity. For ladies, with everything from bobs to waist-length locks, two French braids You can take anywhere from a day at the gym to something as special as your wedding.
To do Two French braids, first divide your hair into two sections are braided. At the beginning of a section (usually closest to your hairline) divide the hair into three strands and a few stitches for a normal three-strand braid, then continue braiding by adding loose hair in each section of the braid before you cross him over. By losing your hair as you go, you will generate a braid that will hang on your head instead of being free. Once you have completed a section, secure with an elastic, repeat on the other side, and your two French braids are done!

1. Boxer braids

The boxer braid hairstyle has been very popular lately, and is basically a set of two French braids that are firmly against the head and put closer to the hairline above the middle of the head. Although this look gets its name from the ultra sporty hairstyle that long-haired boxers often wear this style means the current trend status, it can be used for just about any occasion.

Second French braids Low rolls

Two French braids come together in the back of the head to create a nice low bun style that is perfect for a daily look or something special. A somewhat messy part and braiding technique proves that you do not have to be an expert, or take a lot of time, pull out a cute double braided hairstyle.

Third French braid pigtails

Cute French braids look if you braided all the way to the ends of your hair, but that may take extra time on your styling routine. Leaving your French braids in loose braids can give your style a nice casual feel, and also works well for layered hair that could pop off your braids as you continue down.

4th Two French braids made with natural hair color

French braids are an excellent protective style for natural hair and can last for several days if treated with care. Using two pigtails makes it easier to ensure that all of your hair stays in the pigtails without having to pull or engage with flyaways.

5th Two inverted French braids

Also known as Dutch braid Inverted French Braids are created by putting the hair underneath the braid instead of overhanging, and subsequently more to a textured pop-out look. This style should have the same amount of time for running as regular French braids, but you may need to retrain your fingers braid in the opposite motion.

6th Two French braids buns

Want to wear a double French braided look that also has an elegant updo? This sophisticated style combines French braids and a high bun, creating a look that is perfect for proms, weddings, guest or dinner appointments.

7th Two French Braid Ponytails

We’ve seen two French braids tied in pigtails, but what brings you together in a ponytail? If pigtails feel a bit immature to you, this is the perfect way to wear two French braids.

8th. Rolled French Braid Pony

For a delightful semi-up look, Sienna Miller’s pony were backed in two twisted-French braids. This style is perfect for anyone who is trying to grow out of the pony or looking for a way to dress up their bob hairstyle for a special occasion.

9th Relaxed French braids

Just keep it simple with this relaxed version of the classic style.

10th Pastel French braids

French braids look pretty much any hair color, but they are especially great for showing off dimensional shades. In addition to this fairytale style is the texture of these French braids that have been gently pulled apart to create a fluffy look.

11th Half to Double French braids

This romantic take on the look looks like two French braids that curl together at the back of the head, resting on a bed of luxurious curls.

12th Two French braids spiral bun

If you’re looking for your French braid game, this style wraps around two French braids to form each other an impressive spiral bun.

13th Low-French braid pigtails

With two pigtails that have not been pulled apart, or you rigged and simple low pigtails, French braided style is the perfect casual look for long haired ladies.

14th Messy French braids Bob

Shorter hair can be difficult to keep in a single French braided style, but two braids give you a better shot to make the style work for your bob-length hair. These double pigtails feature the perfect amount of mess, and keep your shorter hair secured for more casual days.

15th Purple ombre French braids

The contrast between natural black roots and smoky purple ombre gets some important improvements with two braided French braids. Wrap sections of loose hair around the base to hide each pigtail, the gums, and you have a look that is set to keep you from morning to evening.

16th Side French Braids Updo

Lucy Hale is a perfect romantic updo using two skinny French braids to create a headband, while loose face-framing pieces of hair help make this style look soft and effortless. This style goes perfectly with a romantic wedding or prom dress with a low back that you want to show.

17th Textured French braids

Long hair, natural texture can be difficult to manage, a few days, and these two French braids offer the perfect mix of protection and style.

18th Two French braids top knot

Dress up your daily top knot with French braided bangs, and the style suddenly goes from a lazy day look into something special.

19th Messy French braids

These blue and purple French braids have a nice amount of chaotic texture while still looking stylish in place. The two different tones here play especially nice in the French braids, and let you show off your awesome dye job, even if you wear a low-key style.

20th Side French braids ponytail

Two skinny French braids on each side of the head are perfect for getting your hair out of the way, on days that are full of physical activity. If your hair is on the thinner side, this style is a little easier to perform than those where the hair is braided all the way to the ends, and can be easily retied if needed.

21st Red Carpet French braids

Emily Blunt on the red carpet French braids make her look like the modern version of a Greek goddess.

22nd Two French braids back

French braids on the back of the head are the next level in the braid-style, but may be difficult for beginners to pull loose on their own.

23rd Color Blue Melting French braids

Half-length hair creates two French braids, which are not that long, they are hard to tie, but not so short, they fall apart. Ladies with blunt praise haircuts will especially appreciate how easy it is to stay put together, to put nicely in this twin plaited style.

24th Rolled and French Braided Updo

This updo does things a little differently, rolling some parts of the hair away from the hairline before starting to make two French braids. The finished look is perfectly polished, and set your style apart from any other French braids in the room.

25th Rainbow French braids

Another example, as two French braids can show, three-dimensional color, this look brings the thing to the absolute maximum with a brilliant rainbow pastel colors.

26th Pulled apart French braids

Two thick French braids are pulled back in an elegant bun, while some gentle pulling helps to add some extra volume in this otherwise so simple style.

27th Sparkling Festival Braids

As if the French braids were not already a festival must-have, the look will be even more careless with a heavy sprinkling fairy dust in your part.

28th Two French braids with undercut

Growing out of an undercut can be rough, but two French braids allow you to stretch the longer pieces of hair into a chic updo.

29th Classic High French braids

Although many styles start with two French braids a little deeper in the head, this classic look starts the braids very high on the head. To make sure you have plenty of grip while braiding, try working with damp hair, some texturing spray or pomade must be applied.

30th Extremely apart pulled braids

Pulled apart to the max, these braids have an impressive amount of texture.

31st High ponytail with two French braids

Make your messy ponytail look less like an afterthought with this adorable twin-French Braided Pony.

32nd French braided bread rolls

Amanda Seyfried is twisted with two French braids in low buns, creating a red-carpet look that’s a mix between elegant and edgy.

33rd Three-dimensional inverted French braids

These inverted French braids will show your hair highlights, even on the days when you are looking casual.

34th Messy French braid pigtails

If you are sure of your two French braids well, do not be afraid to wear them the next day again. Sometimes sleeping adds a nice amount of disheveled texture.

35th Victorian French Braids Updo

This two French braids updo is in Victorian perfection, and lets Sienna Miller look like a vampy-goth-queen.

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