Undercut hairstyles for women

Past the days when the undercuts are really just for the sake of men, since today they are used to provide women with trendy and stylish hairstyles. Undercuts are simply designs that require, cut the hair short, near the scalp or shave it completely, to give some of the sharp and edgy touch to the style. The fact that you can combine your undercut with different hairstyles, such as updos, pixies and etc. makes it truly unique. If you are ready to keep up with the latest trends, then have a look at f rough undercut hairstyle that I have selected. Undercut hairstyles for women Fancy Mohawk

A Mohawk is one of the fanciest hairstyles that are widely used. The original version of the mohawk requires shaving the pages, but most girls prefer to imitate shaved pages with different braided styles. This particular mohawk also has a chic look that comes from shaving the pages. The rest of the hair is designed with a brushed back to showcase the texture of the strands. Fancy Mohawk Afro Tapered Faux Hawk
Afro Tapered Faux Hawk Undercut with pigtails
Undercut with pigtails Rose Gold, Pixie with undercut –
Rose Gold, Pixie with Undercut Double knot with undercut
Double knot with undercut

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