Vintage 1920s Hairstyles For Men

Vintage 1920s Male Hairstyles Exemplary the refined gentleman. As an era full of flat, smooth and shiny short to medium-length hair, 1920s hairstyles were usually back with gel or parted on the side, and then covered with a hat. To make the cool look and style your hair uses in place, guys use an oil-based product called Brilliantine. During this time, the boom of the automobile and the telephone marked not much changed in terms of men’s fashion trends. Nevertheless, some of these old-school hairstyles are experiencing a comeback, as lads look, classy, ​​retro-styles for you unique ways to wear your hair.

Best 1920 Haircuts

Whether you are exploring the styles for a themed party or want a classic cut for a change, you will find some stylish vintage hairstyles below! Our collection comes from the authentic 1920’s men’s hair, including the slick back, center and side part, and variations for curly hair!

1920 Hairstyles For Men

Slicked back

Slicked Back Hair

Vintage Comb Over

Vintage Comb-Over

Classic Wavy Brush Back

Classic Wavy Brush Back

Hard side part

Hard side

Hollywood 1920s comb over

Hollywood 1920s Comb Over

Edel-side part

Classy side part

Old-school center part

Old school center

Long Beveled Side + Parted Hair

Long conical sides + parted hair

Slick top + thick sides

Slick top + thick sides

Classic beveled sides + brush

Classic bevelled sides + brush

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